CNNTurk's Report

CNNTurk has interviewed the founder, Ahmet Fuat Yalçın, of Yalçın Enerji regarding the Solar Curtain. Where the concept of the Solar Curtain, its specifications and how it worked was discussed and explored. It shows many other products using photo-voltaic panels as sources of energy and how ti compares with the Solar Curtain, the company's main product.
A 4 square meter curtain can produce 1.4kWh per day, enough to power 33% of a household's annual electrical consumption. "the price of 1 square meter is $250 at the moment", said Ahmet Yalçın, "the price will hopefully drop in the future". "All we'll need from the customer is the curtain's dimensions and desired design", he said, "after that we'll provide the customer with the desired curtain". "won't they need expertise help to install it?", the reporter asked, "No, it is designed to be just like a curtain in ease-of-use, but in the same time able to generate a good amount of electricity".
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