Solar Curtain

Our services include Energy Generation Consulting, Buildings' Energy certificate Consulting, Solar Energy focused projects, installtions, acquisition services, mechanical automisation services and Solar Curtain research & Development.

The project title is the generation of electricity for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings using the Solar Curtain. We have added photovoltaic panels to three different models, the Sliding Curtain, Roman Curtain and the Zebra Curtain, through which will add a decorative sense to your Solar Curtain. You can open, monitor and control the curtains during its energy generation process. You can even control how much light is allowed through the curtain and how much eletricity you want to generate.

Increasing the use of solar curtains and renewable energy sources will ensure that solar energy, which has the highest capacity of our country, is carried to the windows so that the end user can easily use them without being limited to the field or the roof mounted panels, thereby increasing the use of solar energy in a easier and widespread manner.

In this context, reducing the external energy dependence of electricity in our country, which imports 72% of its electricity and 54.74% of its electricity from fossil fuels, will contribute to creating a cleaner environment by providing less CO emissions while generating electricity.