Generate enough electricity in a day to power your TV

Have you ever wondered of alternative clean methods to power your home appliances? Well, wonder no more! The Solar Curtain was made for that! The Solar Curtain relies on photovoltaic panels to generate electricity and it can be used in homes, hotels, offices and any building with a window. The generated electricity can be stored in a battery or directly connected to your refridgerator, television, computer, lights or any other appliances.

The working principle behind the Solar Curtain is simple. The generated electricity is stored in a battery, then it goes to an inverter which is connected to the house, allowing you to generate your own electricity.

28 hours of Television, 42 hours of 5 lamps
4 square meters of Solar Curtain can generate up to 1.4kWh of energy. Which powers your refridgerator for 14 hours, your Television for 28 hours and 5 lamps for 42 hours, which does not add to your electricity costs. With your generated electricity you can, watch a sport match, play a game on your computer, cool your food and beverages. Moreover, you can also use lighting, TV, computer, fridge, etc., even if electricity is cut off.

You can choose the color, design and fabric of the Solar Curtain, making it as you desire. The Solar Curtain project, developed at Yıldız Teknopark, affiliated to Yildiz Technical University, is about to start massive funding campaign in Arıkovanı. We are interested in what our potential future users have to say about it.